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Original Pieces for Brass Quintet


Some excerpts from a suite for brass quintet 

(Trumpets, French Horn, Bass Trombone, Tuba)
These compositions were recorded and performed by mein my home studio and made from virtual instruments(MIDI) with the requirement of uncompromising realism.
Due to my training as a trumpeter at the conservatory,ofmy experience in concert bandsor somebrass ensembles, of my perfectionismin MIDI editing (programming) and thanks to the musical influences of the greatest soloists I have heard,I brought to these themes all the subtlety of the nuancesof these instruments whose final rendering is very rarely realistic when they are created from sound samples( samples ).

This "classical" music for brass ensemble is tingedjazzand pop, my goal being to create a new elegant directoryand varied for this genre unfortunately too neglected.

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