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For more than 10 years, and thanks to its constant technological developments, MAO has become essential when you want to carefully and quickly pre-produce your music at home before investing in professional studio sessions.

Becoming autonomous and mobile for its musical productions is a dream now accessible to all!

Hardware is becoming more affordable and offers better performance, software is becoming more and more sophisticated and fun at the same time, but lack of knowledge of these sometimes leads the musician or producer to lose sight of the essential: spontaneity, creation, music, emotion...

Fostering instinct when recording one's compositions in AUDIO or MIDI, editing or processing one's tracks without dispersing oneself requires rigorous organization and variable knowledge according to one's own profile.

Tailor-made MAO support packages:

Thus, I offer with seriousness and in a good mood personalized courses adapted to the level of each and according to his artistic project, with a theoretical and practical approach,whether it is for the production of demos in order to canvass professionally or to pre-produce his music in a professional way before entering the studio.

- Beginner:

The basics of MAO, the essential knowledge of its DAW software, the terms used, the installation of VST plug-ins, AUDIO and MIDI recording as well assound advice on the equipment or the best libraries of recent sounds in which to invest according to your budget and your project.


- Intermediate:

Automations, mixing, track processing...


- Expert:

In-depth MIDI editing to bring more musicality, nuance and realism from virtual instruments (velocities, modulations, settings, etc.)

Myself trained for 20 years on the music production software CUBASE,

I workand teaches on CUBASE 7 and CUBASE 8 Elements;but these software

having very similar applications, I can offer you coursesadapted

if you use competing programs (LOGIC, and others...)

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